Up- and downswings in poker

Line chart diagram symboliszing swings in pokerIn gambling, up- and downswings are a natural part of the deal. Whereas the upswings are easy to handle, the downswings can be mentally challenging. By up- and downswings, it is referred to the bigger swings in the players bankroll.

Upswings – the easy part

The most dangerous aspects of upswings are probably the risk that the result is not based on the player's skill but to a high degree luck. This can create and felling of supremacy which can result in a player going up in limits fast.

So, when the upswing is planning out, the reality begins and hopefully you have been aware of the divergence between your result and your EV.

Downswings – the nightmares of poker

Downswings can be twofold devastating. They deplete the bankroll and they damage the player mentally. Many players that have a potential to win are buried at the field because of downswings. Either by gambler’s ruin or by plain surrender – downswings are draining the playing experiences from all fun.

How to avoid the worst consequences of downswings?

A solid bankroll is fundamental in poker and one of the prime reasons are the latent downswings. So, when you win, don’t rush on to the next limit faster than your bankroll is ready for.

How to avoid the downswings to exist?

Of course, this cannot be done. Nevertheless, you can affect the magnitude of a downswing by game selection.

The No Limit structure is far worse than Fixed Limit in regard to swings. Are you playing No Limit, or Pot Limit Omaha which is at least a bad in this aspect, you can make life easier for your self by switching to Fixed Limit. At least, as long as you are harmed by swings.

It could also be argumented that cash game in general are easier to handle when it comes to swings in poker. If you play tournaments and have no plans to stop doing that, a comprehensive article especially for tournament player is 6 Essential Tips for Dealing with Downswings in Poker Tournaments published on Upswingpoker.com.

How long can the nightmares last?

Unfortunately, many poker players are experience downswings that last over ten thousand of hands. These are, of course, not the normal case, but something you should be prepared for.

How to make the new morning come faster?

Actually, there is only one antidote. Positively enough, it is a simple approach to it: play many hands on a short time and you will not feel the experience as that long. The difference for a player that play on one table versus a player that plays on eight tables is huge in this aspect.

Written by Oscar Sand

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